Gourmet Tamari Almonds - 8 x 100g
Guru Snack

Gourmet Tamari Almonds - 8 x 100g

Immerse yourself in a world of flavorful seduction with Guru Snack Tamari Almonds - our exclusive gourmet almonds crafted with care and only the finest 100% organic ingredients. These almonds are not just a snack; they are a sublime fusion of nutty perfection and complex flavor nuances.

Each almond is carefully selected and dipped in tamari soy sauce, creating a sensational combination of nutty richness and umami taste. The delicate balance between the salty and nutty makes Guru Snack Tamari Almonds a masterpiece of nut perfection.

Our gourmet almonds are not just a source of nourishment; they are an artwork that knows how to pamper your taste buds. Perfect for impressing guests, enjoying alone as a delightful snack, or sharing with those you love.

Guru Snack Tamari Almonds - for those seeking exceptional taste experiences and wanting the best in gourmet snacks. Experience nut perfection today and elevate your snack time to a whole new level of sublime flavor!

100 g

Kolli: 8

ALMONDS*, tamari (SOY)*, Salt.

May contain traces of CASHEWS.

Nutritional facts:


Nutrition declaration (pr. 100 g):


2254 kJ/539 kcal


46 g

- saturated fats

3,7 g


4,2 g

- sugars

4,0 g


11 g


24 g


4,2 g

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