Salted Cashews - 8 x 100g
Guru Snack

Salted Cashews - 8 x 100g

Seduce your taste buds with Guru Snack Salted Cashews - the ultimate gourmet experience crafted with care and dedication to quality. Our cashews are carefully selected and made with 100% organic ingredients, exuding quality and flavor.

Each nut is delicately salted with freshly ground sea salt to enhance the natural nutty taste and create an irresistible combination of crunchy and succulent. Guru Snack Salted Cashews are not just a snack; it's a journey through flavor nuances that will astonish your senses.

Dive into a world of nut perfection, where every bite is an experience of pure joy. These cashews are created to satisfy the most discerning taste buds and are the ideal choice for any occasion. Serve them as an elegant appetizer, share them with friends, or enjoy them alone as a delicious luxury.

Guru Snack Salted Cashews - a tribute to nut craftsmanship and organic refinement. Experience the pure nut delight and add a touch of elegance to your taste sensations today!

100 g

Kolli: 8

CASHEW NUTS*, Salt flakes (1,4%)

May contain traces of ALMONDS.

Nutritional facts:


Nutrition declaration (pr. 100 g):


2434 kJ/587 kcal


47 g

- saturated fats

8 g


20 g

- sugars

4,8 g


3,6 g


20 g


3,9 g

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