Gourmet Salt Almonds - 8 x 100g
Gourmet Salt Almonds - 8 x 100g
Guru Snack

Gourmet Salt Almonds - 8 x 100g

Indulge your taste buds with Guru Snack Salted Almonds - our exclusive gourmet almonds crafted with care and dedication to quality, using only the finest 100% organic ingredients. These almonds are not just a snack; they are an invitation to a taste experience beyond the ordinary.

Our gourmet almonds are carefully selected and delicately salted with freshly ground sea salt to enhance the natural nutty flavor. Each bite is a symphony of crunchy texture and rich flavor nuances that will enchant your taste buds.

Guru Snack Salted Almonds are created for those who appreciate genuine quality and taste. Perfect for sharing with friends and family or simply enjoying as a delicious, healthy snack. Take your snack experience to new heights with these exquisite, organic almonds and let your taste buds experience pure nutty delight.

Guru Snack Salted Almonds - for those who seek the best when it comes to nutty experiences. Experience the ultimate nut perfection today!

100 g

Kolli: 8

ALMONDS*, sunflower oil*, Salt.

May contain traces of cashews.

Nutritional facts:


Nutrition declaration (pr. 100 g):


2379 kJ/569 kcal


50 g

- saturated fats

4,1 g


3,9 g

- sugars

3,9 g


11 g


23 g


5,3 g

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