Chili & Lime Cashews - 8 x 100g
Chili & Lime Cashews - 8 x 100g
Guru Snack

Chili & Lime Cashews - 8 x 100g

Get ready to explore a world of intense flavor with Guru Snack Chili & Lime Cashews – a gourmet creation that fuses the best of nature with an explosion of spicy freshness. Each nut is carefully selected and crafted with 100% organic ingredients to provide you with a unique taste experience.

The juicy cashews are pampered and seasoned with a perfect balance of chili powder, fresh lime juice, and sea salt. The result? A refreshing and simultaneously spicy taste sensation that will captivate your taste buds.

Guru Snack Chili & Lime Cashews are not just a snack; it's a journey through exotic flavor nuances that create a party in your mouth. Perfect for elevating your taste experience, whether you share them with friends and family or enjoy them alone as a flavorful treat.

Get ready to take your taste experience to the next level with Guru Snack Chili & Lime Cashews - an irresistible meeting of spice and freshness. Experience the nutty delight that elevates your snack time to new heights.

100 g

Kolli: 8

CASHEW NUTS*, Chilli powder* (1%), Lime juice* (5%), Salt.

May contain traces of ALMONDS.

Nutritional facts:


Nutrition declaration (pr. 100 g):


2388 kJ/581 kcal


46 g

- saturated fats

7,8 g


20 g

- sugars

4,7 g


3,9 g


20 g


1,4 g

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