Classic Muesli - 9 x 750g
Guru Snack

Classic Muesli - 9 x 750g

Enjoy an unparalleled morning experience with Guru Snack Classic Muesli - our special blend of 100% organic ingredients, carefully combined to create the perfect start to your day. This delicious muesli is crafted with a finely balanced mix of flavor and nutrition, ensuring you feel good from the morning hours.

Guru Snack Classic Muesli embraces a harmonious blend of oat flakes, soy flakes, sunflower seeds, cashews, raisins, rice protein, and a touch of salt. Each bite is a sensory delight, bringing together crunchy and soft textures with a balanced sweetness.

This breakfast experience is not only tasty but also rich in protein. Perfect as a nourishing kickstart to your day, Guru Snack Classic Muesli provides you with the energy and nutrition you need. Experience the perfect balance of flavor and health in every bowl - a true delight for your taste buds.


Kolli: 9

HAVREgryn*, SOJAflager*, Solsikkekerner*, CASHEWNØD*, Rosiner*, Risprotein*, Salt.

May contain traces of ALMONDS.

Nutritional facts:


Nutrition declaration (pr. 100 g):


1699 kJ/406 kcal


13,7 g

- saturated fats

2,6 g


46,1 g

- sugars

8,9 g


9,1 g


20,1 g


0,3 g

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