Make Up Remover Pads

Make Up Remover Pads

Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads BAMBOO PADS (16 pcs.)

Remove make-up with environmentally friendly and silky pads made from bamboo viscose! Our organic face pads are made without the use of pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo viscose is a naturally antibacterial material that is hypoallergenic and extra gentle on sensitive skin.

Includes laundry bag and storage box.

How to use Bamboo Pads?

Bamboo pads are reusable. After removing make-up, put your used make-up pads in the handy washing bag that comes with it and wash them at 40 degrees in the washing machine. Then they're good as new!

Product details: 
16 pcs. reusable bamboo pads.
Comes with one laundry bag and one storage box.
Organic and sustainable production.
Environmentally friendly packaging. 

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